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When you do business with HUSOV™

Custom Orders, It's cheaper than you think

With your needs and ideas in mind, we can create your very own unique piece.  Help us steer the project or just give us some ideas and watch us go. Either way we are eager to get things started.


1. Consultation

Tell us your story, show us your ideas, share some pictures, what did you like or dislike? We'll help you turn that scramble into a reality made of gold, diamonds, gemstones or any of the many materials and finish choices available. We will then generate a FREE no obligation quote for your project.

2. Design

Participate as much or as little as we take the information we've gathered on our consultation. Then you will work with our designers to bring your ideas closer to life. We will provide you with realistic images for your review and modifications will be made if necessary.

3 .Options and Final Approvals

We have finalized all of our efforts, made decisions on gemstones, type of material to be used and finalized a design. We'll arrange for you to receive a final plastic representation of what you should expect the final piece to look like. 

4. Creation

Final approvals have been made and we are ready to make your project real. We will cast in the designated metal as well as set the pre selected gemstones and high polish your new creation. 

5. Chronicle Of Your Journey

When our clients take the time to make something special, many of them want a reminder of the steps taken to get the final results. We are happy to help by putting together a representation of that journey.

6. Secured Shipping & Delivery

We carefully package and ship your new item to your designated secured shipping address. Once you are completely satisfied, your final review is awaited!

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